New To StarWars.. Need MAJOR help



I have been wanting to play an MMO again… I played WoW years ago, but right before Cat I stopped. I have dappled in Terra, and a few others. Nothing has ever really fit and I am assuming it has been because I was used to playing with a number of people, and I went into most of the current (Last several years) on my own and found no enjoyment or motivation.

I pre-ordered SWTOR played it for a few weeks, and the same thing happened. Also, I work a lot! so it was hard for me to dedicate time. I am extremely interested in learning how to play and being apart of a group that is willing to teach.

I have accepted the Discord invite and the name is Recon… my original character name which I have access to again is MortisUmbra, hopefully I will be able to change it.

I look forward to speaking with some, if not all of you soon!


Welcome to Strats! What other games do you play?


only LoL


Hey mate, welcome to the party! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any problems :wink:


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