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Hey, name is Nathan. I’m a 25 year old MRI technologist in Kansas. Grew up in Lincoln NE. Love mmo’s/rpg’s/fps games, motorcycles/cars and of course, my awesome wife lol. Just looking to meet some other players for destiny.

Welcome to Strats Nathan. When you are ready to look for a group this is a good example of format. If you haven’t checked out the Destiny intro thread, that would be a good starting place.

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Welcome Nathan, if you have any other multiplayer games you like to play let us know. There might be some folks on here looking to play the same games. Check out our LFG category.

Can is ask what site brought you to Strats?

None of my irl friends really play console anymore, so I lack people to play with for raids etc in destiny for xbox one. I mostly joined in hopes to find some nice people to play with, who don’t have temper tantrums lol. Your guys’ introduction was pretty funny and you seem like a good group of people. I’m used to the mmorpg community as I played WoW since vanilla (left at the beginning of pandaria) and got pretty high up in the raiding community.

Wasn’t tried to grill you lol. We are sure you will find what you are looking for here. I was just wondering what website directed you here for my recruiting purposes.

Ahhh… Gotcha lol. Random fbook ad


Well glad to have you.


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