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Hello all! I’m zSumrs and I was interested in joining a clan for the upcoming game, The Division. I saw the post on reddit that told me to make myself known to you guys. I’m currently a sophomore in college and own a ps4. I’ve never been in a clan but am greatly interested in it and thought this might be a good time to look around for one! I hope to be considered for this and any information or advice you guys might have for me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Welcome? What are your thoughts on how design and development for The Division is going? We’ve been discussing that it has slowed down and there hasn’t really been any info coming out.


Welcome aboard @zSumrs!


I always look at the the information of unreleased games in waves, as in I learn everything I can about a game then move it to the back of my mind for about a month and then look up everything I can again and repeat. Today was the day that I started to take interest again so I’m seeing a bunch of stuff for the first time all at once. Though I would agree that there has been a lack of information being given about the game in recent times. However, with the Alpha now here and the beta coming soon I believe a lot of information is going to be thrown around with a lot to learn about the game.I just hope that it lives up to everyone’s expectations.


Welcome to Strats! ! ! I’m glad you saw my post and am excited to have you here :smile:
I will be leading the charge of agents for this title and can’t wait to get some hands on with the alpha this week. I bought an xbone just to get access to the early testing but will be playing on all platforms with ps4 being my main focus. I will be investigating the clans functions and every other aspects of the game but am under a NDA so I can’t comment on it which sucks. Again welcome and please let me know if you have any questions or need anything :smile:


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