New true sandbox mmo?


What is this?


I wanted to be excited about this, until less than a minute in he told lies about WildStar. “No open world PvP” he said. I laughed and skipped along a bit in the video and felt as underwhelmed as I expected from a game this early in development. Interesting concept, not my cup of tea. Unfortunate timing to draw my attention.

Also, “100% player-built cities” == penises everywhere, because 5 y/o’s who scream “trolled LOL NOOB!”


So much toxic.


I mean, it could be good someday, don’t get me wrong, it’s just not showing me anything amazing in any department at this point. Also, for someone who works with Machinima, you’d think he could handle a simple fact check on the open-world pvp, especially if he’s so into MMO’s. I was in a grumpy place earlier, but I feel like my points regarding lackluster content at this point ring true. There’re just too many “early dev releases” and “pre-alpha gameplay” videos out there that are trying to stir hype and so many of them take well beyond their predictions/aspirations. I am admittedly a bit bitter that it’s becoming so prevalent. I’d rather just be shown a game when it’s ready for reveal, not and incomplete mess with placeholders and tons of promises of what’s to come.


im just glad that more hardcore mmos are popping up, its been so long


This looks crazy. I like the idea behind it, but don’t know if I’ll get into it yet. Looking forward to more information as it completes!