New Tunes from tamriel


I’m always on the lookout for new music, so share what you’re listening to.

Here’s a little of what I’ve been listening to lately:

The Kills - Sweet Cloud

Guts - Everybody Know

And @GuardianX, here’s the song you were talking about (I think).

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus


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Do we need a


That sounds awesome


Been listening to this a lot lately.


Here are some Orc jams:


Very cool, haven’t heard of him/her before so that’s awesome. Some pretty big collaborations too! Really diverse.

In case anyone hasn’t seen this, it’s pretty impressive.


Almost as cool as this Windowlicker cover:


Damn those are some names I haven’t heard in a while. I grew up on Fat Records samplers. It’s amazing how songs will remind you of a specific time. When I was listening to these guys I was a kid living in the mountains, with barely any electricity, having to chop wood for a hot shower.

That was also the year I visited the States and couldn’t believe how cheap CD’s were. And bought this:


I prefer this version of the Massive Attack’s Paradise Circus. NSFW :wink:

I also really enjoy music from Artzie Music’s youtube channel.

How I do post embeded videos?


Put the links on a single line.


Lol that was actually the exact version I was looking for! I haven’t seen the video before though… Very interestng. I like the pink haired girl.


is that a Zed’s Dead remix? Do you know the official name?


I believe that it is the Zed Dead remix.




Damn you listen to some hardcore shit!


On serious note


Now that I know how to embed videos, here are two bands that I frequently listen to.

Saves the Day - Bones

Alkaline Trio - You’ve Got So Far

I’ve also been using Spotify to listen to some Reggae. I’m new to the genre actually. Here’s a song I really like from Buju Banton.

Buju Banton - Boom Boom Bye

I also got into a UK hip-hop group Rhyme Asylum.

Rhyme Asylum - Poison Penmanship

Also this song from Miniature Tigers

Miniature Tigers - Cleopatra

I also can’t forget about this song. Hahahaha!

New Edition - Mr. Telephone Man

Ah, I have too many to share! :sweat_smile:



This band gets down on the keyboard.