New Twitch Follower. LOL


Found this pretty funny thought I’d share… Maybe someone will get a laugh. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I was messing around on Twitch and I found out how to follow myself… good thing that they have a system so you automatically unfollow yourself and don’t actually count on the follower count.



I always wondered how people followed themselves. It was so bizarre to me. But I guess it would be good to know if your stream stuff goes live and how long of a delay it actually is.


@AiKiller: I remember when you were in my stream talking about this, I was cracking up!

I wanna see if I can follow myself, now …


I’m sure anybody can. It would only be temp because Twitch auto unfollows yourself but it’s pretty good just for the giggles. I went to my Twitch highlights and thats where I seen the follow button.


@PeterThomas6 would you really have to follow yourself to make that assessment? I feel like you could just watch your stream playback through Twitch. I do that, sometimes, because it only affects my down. I can see for myself if the video is really buffering a ton if other people say they’re experiencing issues.

If I’m missing a key strategy to quality assessments in streaming, lemme know please. :smile:


No, but if you’re low on your download/upload speeds, the less you’ve got running on your PC, the better. Watching yourself stream, even if it’s only for a few minutes could hinder your output for that time period, or worse, crash the stream all together. You’re right, streaming is only affecting the down, but your typical CAT5 wire can only pass so much data through it, so if you’re using most of that for downloading, then it’s going to have a hard time pushing uploads.

I’m also not a networking guy so I may not be completely on target with this.


That’s very true some peoples’ PC and network can only handle so much, but maybe I’m missing how exactly following yourself bypasses those issues?

I usually work around stuff like that by opting to view my past broadcasts to see what I can tweak in the future, but quick tricks are nice to learn.