New user: BigJimmyK

Greets all, I’m another recruit from @therubymug (which is ironic because he plays almost no games). Like Keith, I work with @therubymug. Unlike Keith, I’m old – old enough to have played Wasteland 1 on my Tandy 1000SX. I’m currently playing Destiny and Wasteland 2. I look forward to non-sucky LFGs on Destiny.

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I’m trying to change this!

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I guess today is “throw the Programmer under the bus” day. :-p

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Let the record show that I do play computer and board games. Just not MMOs yet. :-) I did play through Star Wars: The Old Republic as a Jedi Knight. So there.


Hi Jim welcome to Strats!

Welcome! Be sure to check out the Destiny category and get set up with us in game. Remember to add me on PSN: Dynamible

Welcome to the Dark side brother.


Hello + welcome!

Howdy! Welcome aboard!

Thanks for the many replies! As for @therubymug, I stand corrected. He does play at least one game.

Welcome! c:

Almost forgot to mention, I’m BigJimmyK on Xbox One.

Hey there, welcome. Glad to have a new face that plays games. :joy:

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