New User. My intro


Hello, guys
I just signed up a couple days ago and i wanted to say hi and introduce myself.
I am from france, I do programming. I play most of the time Dota 2 and Counter strike Global offensive.
I am a funny person and pretty nice!!

I hope i can meet a lot of cool people here!
That’s it, see you guys later…


Welcome to team strats @memoniak. Hope you enjoy your stay.


Welcome to the Dark side brother @memoniak


Welcome to the Strats Fam @memoniak!


Welcome to Strats!


@memoniak GO is picking up another player for the league season, if you play competitive cs go, let me know! If not lets still get in some match make and tare some heads apart!

Welcome hope you have an awesome time. we love newcomers!


Welcome to the party; @senNish will be excited to have more Dota 2 players around. Let us know if you run into any issues or have any questions :wink:


Hello @memoniak, what kind of programming do you do? If you like Dota, have you tried Heroes of the Storm? We’ve been playing it a lot lately.


What up. What kind of programming do you do?


Welcome aboard!
Where in France? I taught in Ruoen a few summers ago.


You leave him alone @Vocino! This one is pure. The power of IceFrog compels you.


I was borned in brittany then moved to belgium!


I do C++ and some Javascript programming!!


I do C++ and some javascript programming.
And yes hero of the storm i have played it i got a Beta tester code.
So i am familiar with it. :smiley:


Well, I dont think i am pretty ready to play, real competitive cs-go. I kinda just started the game a few months ago!!
But some matches can be fun yeah :smile:


Thank You. Very much !!!


Hey dude welcome to the family?
Do you watch some football?


Welcome to Strats, @memoniak! :smile:


Bienvenue mon ami


Welcome to Strats!! if you have any questions please feel free to ask! :smile: