New Years Resolutions for 2015


Complete a Destiny raid.

Maybe download FFXIV on PS4 and play my character there. Too bad my DC Universe PC characters won’t transfer.

Become --Legend-- the bestest console gamer I can be.


I want to actually complete the RPGs I buy. Also record Let’s Play video series of them.

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I didn’t even complete Shadow of Mordor yet.

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Get a job in HR.

I want to be more social in 2015 and make more friends. I’m not a very outgoing person and need better social skills.

We are your friends! We need a Strats Meetup in 2015.


I we are getting panerra someone next year. Lol

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I agree, I would say come to DC but it’s expensive as shit, and don’t have a big house to host yall at :confused: