Newb building a gaming pc needs advice


Ok, I need some input from the pros here. So I’m considering building a gaming pc to replace my ps4 (I can’t justify cost of having both so will sell the ps4 to help cover costs).

My question: Can I use the gaming pc connected to my 5 year old HDTV through HDMI and still have good gameplay performance? I know it would have more than enough graphics performance but worried if there’s any timing/syncing issues by using the TV rather than a dedicated monitor and using wireless keyboard/mouse vs wired?
The main reason I’m asking is I’d like to have it function as a basic hometheater setup as well.


It’d really depend on your TV. TV’s tend to have a bit more ‘lag’ due to the higher input latency compared to an actual monitor.

You may be able to find your TV in this list here:

You can see the difference between a monitor averaging around 9-11ms, compared to a HDTV coming in around 20-40ms (and higher).

That aside, most competitive PC gamers will tell you to go with a wired mouse, however for you, a wireless mouse will be perfectly fine and preferred in fact (Since you kind of want an HTPC) The wireless keyboard would be a good option as well.

Hope that gives you a headstart in your research. If you got any questions, let us know.


Thanks! I’ll have to check what model I have for display lag when get home.
So, I should be good then if get a decent flight setup for Star Citizen later as long as screen lag’s not too bad.


Ya, so long as your computer components are up to snuff, you should be all set to go.