Newbie to Strats and excited!

Hello my name is Andrew and I found out about Strats from the playstation forums. I am here to find some PS4 GTAV friends but I have many more games. Destiny, CoDAW, Blacklight Retribution, and more. I wouldn’t mind trying some PC games like DOTA2 but that isn’t usually the games I play.

I also am a new streamer on twitch. I am getting my stream more and more professional every day. I started it to share my gaming experience with others. I recieve my new artwork and twitch overlays tomorrow! I will be signing up for the team and you can follow me at:



Thanks kitty. I have been looking to be a part of a community like this!

Welcome to Strats! We have a Sponsored Twitch Team. We are also getting ready to dominate in GTAV. Join us in Strats and Crew. Looking forward to gaming with you!

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We are currently in a party chat on PS4 waiting for GTAV to unlock. If you would like to join us my PSN is Tommy2118

I didn’t get to beat the campaign first time around in GTAV on PS3. I might finish that first and then go online and dominate with everyone!! I can’t wait to stream our success!! Follow me on twitch if you play it for PS4!

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I think most of us are going head first into the multi-player and we have not even really started the story part xD

Thanks tommy but I won’t buy digital anymore. I will be on around 5pm est tomorrow if you want to add me. PSN: ducksauce88

Welcome! glad to have you gaming with us …feel free to look around and ask if you need any help!
PSN = droul01

Lol I like your avatar. I forgot to mention that I work for intel…which you reminded me. Lol

Hi I just joined also. leveling up on Archeage to jump in the guild(Marilynmanson) ingame name on enla server NA.

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Hi Andrew welcome to Strats! Looking forward to seeing you in GTA! My PSN: Nubhugs

Welcome to Strats!! I’ll have to check out that stream of your’s.

Welcome Andrew! Checking out your stream now! Hope to play with you some on GTA V!!

welcome to strats man! we definitely need more streamers!

Welcome to Strats :slight_smile:

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