Newish ESO player looking to discuss strategy and learn


I am a huge Elder Scrolls fan and despite owning ESO for some time, I have only recently been able to really get into it and enjoy myself, mostly by figuring out what worked as I went and working my way through main questing until I hit level 50 and started earning champion points. Now I’m interested in finding groups to play with, learning from better players developing an actual useful build and aiming for some of the game’s challenging content instead of just surviving story quests.



Hey buddy, welcome!! So bad news first - I think @Zharick and I are the last semi-active players left here. That being said, this is still a wonderful all-around community filled with great people who love gaming.
Oh, and if you do figure out some killer ESO strategies fill me in, I play a night blade and necromancer.



Hey mate, welcome to the party! What @Wheatception is true to a degree: most of the folks around here don’t play ESO anymore, though there are a handful over on the Discord that I don’t think are registered on the forums. That said, we’re always up for talking games of all sort. Also, let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:



Welcome to the party @pangthagerous! Feel free to grab a drink from the virtual bar over yonder. While I don’t play ESO, if you’re ever in need of some Overwatch chatter, I’m your guy.


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