Next Generation of Gamers


My newly 6 year old daughter opening her surprise Nintendo 3DS XL. Of course, her favorite games are LEGO Marvel Super Heros and LEGO Batman 2. She has not picked a side in the DC vs Marvel campaign. (I hope she never does)


Love it!


Now, complete the following steps:

  1. Acquire Pokemon X or Y

  2. Profit!

Seriously though, hours upon hours of gameplay in Pokemon games.


Now I just have to get her set up on Twitch. :smile:


I’m either too old for Pokemon or I just don’t get it. The whole Pokemon universe seems ridiculously lame to me. I even hate the style.


She has to be 13, technically.


Your absolutey correct on the age requirement. My wife would kill me anyways. She is not even really comfortable when I stream my daughter and me playing on Xbox One.

I just think its cool that she likes princesses, ponies and Iron Man.


I thought it was really silly till I tried it; then I realized it was an RPG like Final Fantasy but instead of acquiring friends to be your party members you used little creatures you could breed and hatch from eggs. Once I got over the whole “I can’t believe he convinced me to play pokemon -_-” feeling it was actually quite fun.


You just don’t know how deep the rabbit hole goes


Hello, 911. I think I need a Doctor, my mind is blown.


Def Pokemon, I’d teach my kids to chain shinies for event trades.


Raisin’ em right!

My 3 , well 1 is mine the other 2 are the “wife’s” were all raised on old school gaming. They know the meaning of “Nintendo Hard” first hand. They don’t complain about how older games look, and actually found the original gameboy, kinda fun.

My brother is almost 30, a powerlifter, STILL plays Pokemon. Me? I never got into it as I was mostly a fighting game guy until a couple years ago, now it’s all about simulations and MMO’s.


i just want pagemaster and sonic back from sega genesis. Is that too much to ask


awww adorable!


I still remember my days of playing Conker on the good ol N’64.