NHL playoff bracket challenge - Strats league



The greatest sport known to mankind :smiley: and the playoffs are here.

Something I enjoy doing every year and thought it might be fun to share with strats.

Link to league i started: http://bracketchallenge.nhl.com/?intcmpid=bc2016_rt_rail#/league/124039

PW: Stratsco1

Don’t need any knowledge of hockey as the playoffs can be complete chaos with the most unforeseen outcomes. So pick whatever team you like, have heard of or has the prettiest icon :D.

Make sure to get your bracket set by 3pm EST Monday as it locks once the puck drops.

For the first round, you’ll have to pick the number of games you think the series will last. All series are best of 7.

Feel free to ping if you have questions.


I’ll make mine tonight. I think we all know The Flyers are going to take it all :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


This is awesome…Big Hockey guy…What everyones team? DETROIT BABY!!! 25 in a row by the skin of our teeth…


Go Wings! And yea, for a bit there I thought they weren’t going to make it but they actually have a shot against the bolts with all their injuries.


Anyone having issues saving their bracket?


The issue with your bracket is that you’re picking Detroit to win it all…


PSA: make sure to set the number of games played in round 1 (drop-down under the matchup) as well as the total number of goals scored in the final. These can impact your ability to save the bracket.


I had issues with the site in general and had to switch from Chrome to Edge…might be some of the privacy settings and plugins I have set in Chrome though.


I wasnt choosing the number of games for round 1


A Wayne of Thrones is going to take it all!




Dexter reunion?


Gosh darn it… I would’ve totally wanted in. Without the Canucks in the playoffs, my heart wouldn’t have gotten in the way of my desire to rule the world.

Or at least the Strats bracket.