Night Fall help

Good Morning all, hope all is well.

I am hoping to find two people who have not done this weeks night fall strike, don’t feel like spending 2 hours on it alone. I am thinking today Thur the 23th @ around 2-2:30 pm CST. I have a level 28 hunter, I think level 26 and 27 will work. If interested I will have a party up around said time. PSN=jbarron49

Have a great day all.

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I might get off work early today. If so I’m down. Don’t wait for me or hold a spot.

Will do, I’ll work on some strikes in the mean time.

I’m going to be looking for a spot tonight but not until later this evening.

Like what time?

7:00 PST to be safe. I could probably make 6.

That would be a little to late for me, I normally sign of around 8-8:30 CST. Sorry, good luck though

Ok no problem. Good luck with your run.

I could help, but I’m generally later in the evening. I’ve completed the nightfall, but again I could be option depending on timing,

I would hate for you to waste your time, but if you want to help? It would go much faster, we’ll see how it goes. I still haven’t done the daily, maybe I can wait and we can do that. What time are you available? I still have many strikes to do for bad ju ju. That’s another option for later. We can see what we can squeeze in between 2-8 or so.

I might be around to run this with you at 7 PST (10:00 EST)

Thanks to @NVS_1 and @DJspectre for your help, couldn’t have done it with out ya. Thanks to @Vocino, @tommy2118, for your interest, I very much look forward to playing with you in the near future.

Thanks again


Congrats man!

No problem bud, glad I could help.