Nightblade Vamp Stamina build: Arrows and Shields



Nightblade Stamina Arrow and Shield Build:

This build will revolve around Nightblade with vampire utilizing medium and heavy armor and using dual wield, bow and one hand and shield with all attribute points invested in health.

7 Medium. Bow + Dual Wield.
Poison Injection - Bombard - Siphoning Attacks - Impale - Swallow Soul

Blood Craze - Shrouded Daggers - Concealed Weapons - Siphoning Attacks - Dark Cloak

7 Heavy Sword and Board + Dual Wield.

Ransack - Absorb Magic - Swallow Soul - Structured Entropy - Refreshing Path

Ember Explosion - Inner Beast - Shrouded Daggers - Refreshing Path - Siphoning Attacks

Veil of Souls for extended fights - Soul Tether for large mob groups.


We got Vampire as such we gain 10% regeneration which is very important for tanks and Deeps! We don’t need any vamp abilities on our bars as such feed all the time (Pro tip: Dark Cloak during a fight walk behind a mob and feed = profit. NO OTHER class can do that in combat so take advantage of it). We want our enchants to be all Stamina. For necklace we want fire resist (unless you are Dunmer) and on rings we want stamina regeneration. For our One handed weapon we want shield on hit and health enchant on our shield. Use stamina+health food. Our dependence on magicka is very low as such we should not worry if its low (all our magicka abilities are not for spam but survival. Swallow soul is to be popped whenever the heal is about to run out and cloak is for emergencies so dont freak out if your magicka is low).

7 Medium. Bow + Dual Wield.
Poison Injection (our main dps SPAM) - Bombard (BEST CC for mobs. Have siphoning attacks on when using this and put 2-3 light attacks in between bombard that will ensure you can perma immobilize).- Siphoning Attacks (Always on for the poison injection spam BUT take is off when using impale to get max damage from it). - Impale (When the boss hits 25% you know its done. This ability hits like a TRUCK ON FIRE DURING THE APOCALYPSE!) - Swallow Soul (your heal, it will take pressure from the healer and make sure you are 100% at all time. Cast every time it expires or spam it when your stamina is gone, it has synergy with siphoning attacks and will refill your stamina!)

Blood Craze (your bread and buttah! Heals+DoT good damage for the low stamina cost) - Shrouded Daggers (MASSIVE damage AOE and Single target with snare! SPAM)- Concealed Weapons (this is our opener +speed boost for stealth, synergy with cloak to get you out of that pesky aoe and it serves as a great magicka dump since the damage is so high. Same principle are swallow soul spam)- Siphoning Attacks (Same as bow) - Dark Cloak (Removes dots - Use with vampire to feed during a fight and get 100% health and invincibility for its duration).

7 Heavy Sword and Board + Dual Wield.

Ransack (DPS+Agro) - Absorb Magic (For tanking mages and spell spam bosses)- Swallow Soul (Our Heal over time)- Degeneration (Extra heal +dot)- Refreshing Path (Mobility + dps + hot)

Ember Explosion (Perfect for grabbing group agro) - Inner Beast (MUST have to keep range agro from bosses, also make sure you switch it for ransack if boss requires it)- Shrouded Daggers (Same as above)- Refreshing Path (Same) - Siphoning Attacks (MASSIVE return with the aoe)

Veil of Souls for extended fights - Soul Tether for large mob groups.

More to come as i test further!


You are crushing it with these builds.