Nightblade Vamp with burst and sustain dps +heals!



Night Blade Vampire build with burst/sustain dps and heals!

For this build to work we need 133 points as such its advisable you try it at 50+. For the build to reach its highest potential you need to be vampire but its not necessary. So lets look at what we will need to invest our points into:

Our dps comes from:

Range: Poison Arrow - Light attack - Swallow Soul - Light attack ∞
Melee: Surprise Attack - Blood Craze - Light attack - Swallow Soul - Light attack - Blood Craze - Light attack - Swallow Soul - Reapply Surprise for the -40% armor every 10 seconds - ∞

Siphoning attacks will give you the regeneration you will need. (For extended fights replace elusive mist with Siphoning attacks) Ultimate based on the fight. Veil for massive add fights - Soul tether if you need to stun adds - Dawnbreaker for boss fights - Devouring swarm for all else.

Poison arrow: Best spam DPS +dot +interrupt for casts (Possible must have to interrupt casts in raids)
Bombard: Best weapon AOE immobilize +great AOE opener from stealth as it crits on all mobs.
Elusive Mist and Dark cloak: Best escape combo in the game: +resists +mitigation +stealth +movement speed +cc immunity.
Siphoning attacks: Doesn’t cost anything to cast, its instant and it gives HUGE amounts of stam and mag.
Blood Craze: Good DPS +Bleed +Heal over time. Our main stam dump.
Swallow Soul: Great DPS +Heal over time. Our main mag dump.
Surprise attack: Our opener for massive critical damage and stun. Dark Cloak+Surprise attack: Amazing combo as you can reapply the stun from stealth combined with the 40% armor reduction and the passives from dual wield that increase damage against stunned targets you can heavy attack for massive amounts.
Magnum Shot: Use instead of bombard for single target damage and to keep your distance.
Steal Tornado: Great range, Low damage vs high health mobs but HUGE damage as an execute vs targets with 25% health or bellow.
Impale: Like tornado its an amazing execute but single target. Remove elusive mist for it. (Most boss fights you will be using bow)
Invigorating Drain: Good for leveling and farming not so good for boss fights or PvP. Use as needed.
Fighters Guild abilities: Use vs vamp-wolf in PvP and GREAT in dungeons featuring Daedric-Undead enemies.
Efficient Purge: Much needed abilities for group content and PvP as it will remove debuffs!
Lotus Fan Fun: Great closer for PvP!

Passives: All passives from nightblade - medium armor - fighters guild - vampire - bow - dual wield .


Veil of Blades: AOE dmg and mitigation, great for PvE content.
Soul Tether: Awesome in group PvP as you can stun a whole group. Has uses in PvE as well.
Devouring Swarm: Low cost +AOE DPS + heal
Dawnbreaker: Great for boosting our dps vs bosses and other long fights.

Gear: Magnus and Torugs. Torugs is prio as it will decrease our glyph timer.
7 Medium with ALL magicka glyphs (unless you are a magicka race in which case you will need to balance stamina).
Weapons: Daggers for the critical chance increase. We will use one glyph of shielding (send me a tell if you need them) it adds a shield on hit so our survivability goes sky high baby! and one glyph of decrease armor.

I didn’t magically come up with this. Lots of people are testing it out after it was released on Reddit and hopefully as we go we will optimist further. I have made a few adjustments to the build and i will probably change it again as we test it.

EDIT: DId banished cells twice one with a normal stam build and one with this one. MAJOR difference. Tons more damage because you have an endless amount of stam and mag to spam poison arrow and swallow soul. Even with the % reduction in dmg from siphoning attacks, the spam alone doubled my dps. Perma stealth also capable if you put 1-2 hits with your bow in between cloaks.


Love your link to Blade above. :smile:


Excellent guide. Big appreciation for posting this.


Great guide, a lot of nice ideas here.


Trying this spec, but picking it up at level 25 sucks, specially since I hadn’t touched siphoning or bows. hopefully I can level those up quick. And I also need to get vampirism


Great guide Domo, thanks for putting in the time.


Thank you! I’m going to be trying this out asap.