Nightfall run tonight?

Hey, since I had to move the raid time too 10PST I’m not sure that we can get a group together but Vampires and I haven’t run the nightfall yet this week anyone want to help us out with that around 10 PST?

Nightfall run 12/2/14 anyone? This one (Nexus) we are best off w/ 3 people (void damage superior option for end).

I’m shooting for maybe 8PM EST? This is flexible though.

We have the sherpa event today. Consider helping out with that our apply yourself.

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I’ll be on around 9-10 PST so that’s more like 12-1 EST anyone want to do it then?

I can Sherpa a group. How do I get involved?

And how do I get “Destiny 30” under my name lol