Nightfall XBOX1

I’ll be hitting up Nightfall this afternoon during my kid’s nap. If anyone is interested in joining me, XBOX1 IGN: Tourmalet.

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It was suggested I message you about playing Destiny together i know this is a day old post but i’m willing to help if not done yet.

Hey Ronald. I saw your other posts and will add you to my friends list to meet up. What’s a good time for you generally? I’m interested in doing Nightfall tomorrow, and eventually VoG if we can find some other players. The Xbox 1 crowd has been quiet lately, so its nice to meet some active players.

GT: Tourmalet

We are looking for a third XBOX1 player to complete Nightfall this week. Any takers?

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Old thread, but I’m hoping to do another run of Nightfall soon. If anyone is interested, send me a message on Xbox1.

PSA: I’m running Nightfall tomorrow afternoon (1/13) at 3PM CST. I have a post up for joins on The 100, but if anyone wants in, let me know now so I can save some space.

anytime tomorrow to be honest when your on we can work out a time and go
form there. ^^

@Ronald_Miller 3PM CST could work for me today. What level are you up to now?

Edit: 2PM might be better, as my team is meeting to finish our Crota’s End checkpoint at 3PM. Saturday afternoon might work, or Monday around 3PM. Let me know.

@@ I forgot about this thread sorry. i’m up for it if havn’t done nightfall