Nightly Bronze 2 Diamond Challenge

Ok, I’m going for it. I may main as E.T.C. but since he requires so much team follow-up, it might be pretty difficult.

Doing my placement matches now but I’m assuming I’ll end up in Bonze since for the past two seasons I have (before that it was Silver, assuming matchmaking was tweaked or something). But it’s time to climb the fuck out!

When to watch:

  • Weeknights at Midnight Eastern

Where to watch:

Where to chat:


I’ll be updating this thread as I go.


Update: I won 10 out of 10 placement matches and still landed in Bronze :smiley: (yay?) SO, here we go.

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Do you know what was your final rank for last season?

Last season I was Bronze 3, but I didn’t play much Hero League and mostly played bad heroes for funsies—probably not a good idea. The season before that I was Silver 5.

As you can see, for the placements this season since I’m on a mission I went with strong carry heroes. Nazeebo, Nova, Sonya mostly.

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I’m on a roll.


Nova is broken AF right now.

More to this story… how is there such a huge difference in MMR here? Leave it to me to be ranked lowest in the only league that “matters”, right?

Any insight here @Xaelyn?

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