Nightly Random Dungeon Runs in ESO



Nightly at 21:00 Pacific / Midnight Eastern

Let’s get some groups together for daily lootzzz :zzz: and mad XPs :expressionless: for all.

Discord 4 Voice

We’ll group up in Discord, making channels if necessary (use !create to make a temporary channel). You don’t have to speak but it helps if you can listen. Someone who (hopefully) knows what they’re doing will lead it.

Here’s a screengrab of a Strats dungeon run from the last Twitch stream:

See @Wayward there? Yeah.


Im only level 37 can i do this or do you have to be Veteran rank?


You can switch between Normal and Veteran. If we have a mixed group then we can do Normals. If we have enough for 2, we’ll do one of each, etc.


This is 11:00pm for me. I will try to be there but can’t guarantee it.

I dont have to work tomorrow though, so the outlook is good.


@Wayward I think if you want to do an earlier group that would be cool. I just picked a time I could do it but I’d love to see more.


I’m game for an earlier one


If someone is cool to set up an earlier one, I can make it on some nights.


Me too, go for CST :dickbutt:


Happy stratsversary @Wheatception


Why thank you good sir!