Nintendo chases more than profit with 'Super Mario Run'



Odd headline, but some interesting snippets in this review of Nintendo’s smartphone ventures so far.

Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima acknowledges that revenue from Super Mario “did not meet our expectations,” with a previously disclosed conversion rate of ~5% under its unusual pay once to unlock model. Despite the contrasting success of gacha-based Fire Emblem Heroes, the company says it does not intend to switch focus to freemium games, relying instead on mobile to spread awareness of its franchises and boost the popularity of its own platform.


Nintendo… Why cant you be good again? They always screw themself up. Mario Run on android wont run on custom ROMs… Yes there is a way to make it work even with all levels but, come on! Why lock the game?




Well Nintendo+Niantic locked PokemonGo for any custom rooted ROMs because people cough were using virtual devices and location spoofing to play the game on their couch. I’m glad they did that even if it means I can’t use a custom ROM on my device if I want to keep playing.


You dont need a custom ROM to spoof location, etc. Makes no sense at all.Why lock Mario Run? It is stupid… People who did the trick to run Mario Run on custom roms now are asking how to buy the levels… Less money for Nintendo. Not a smart move at all.