Nintendo Streaming is getting interesting

“Nintendo’s somewhat indecisive stance on letting streamers and producers use video of its games online seems to be crystallizing with this week’s beta launch of the Nintendo Creators Program. But the program comes with a number of restrictions that limit how video creators can use Nintendo games in their videos and how they can profit from those videos.”

This looks like an interesting twist for Nintendo which seems to be a culture of ‘no’ when dealing with third parties. I wonder if they are heading to Sega territory.

I just read about this today. I’m not sure how people who make good revenue from their videos feel about this (I mean, better 30% than nothing, amirite?) but what I’m most concerned about is does this mean I can stop having my videos muted? That’s my biggest gripe. If you want to take monetization from me because I’m using your content, fine, take the money, but don’t mute my entire freakin’ video because there’s more to it than just your game. My commentary/interaction with chat is just as, if not more, important than the actual game being played itself.

I made the Sega comment a while ago. The difference is that Sega knew when they were out of the game and stopped making consoles. I think Nintendo is the last Pokemon in the party, and the only moves they have PP for is Splash, Confuse Ray, and Mean Look.

Here’s the program page:

The ToS is awful.

Yeah, I get what you’re saying, but it’s still better than what it was.

Previous: Nintendo doesn’t grant you any rights to the images, music, characters, or any other form of Nintendo IP ever. Don’t use it or we’ll shut you down.

Now: Okay, I guess it’s alright to use some of it, but you still can’t collect all of the profit from it because it is ours. We’ll just let you use it.

I signed up and got myself registered and ready to go. Again, if I can just not have my videos muted for 30 or more minutes at a time (sometimes entire videos) then I call that a win. I don’t even care for the profit, personally, because the amount of content that is Nintendo specific is probably less than 10%.

You now have to have only videos covering Nintendo products AND only the approved games.

Okay this… this just…wow.