Nintendo Switch Feels



How are you guys feeling about the Nintendo Switch?

Personally, I’ve wanted a Wii/WiiU for years, but the fact that the price never drops hasn’t let me pull the trigger. I will probably get this one no matter the price; it’s speculated for $299.

I would definitely play Super Mario Odyssey, possibly Zelda (I haven’t been a fan of the third person view and much prefer the over-world view the old ones had) and Super Mario Maker if it’s backwards compatible for sure. Does anyone know the policy on backwards compatibility on Nintendo?

I’m excited for the Switch and hope that it lives up to my hype level!


The switch is not backwards compatible as it uses cartridges more like a 3ds rather than discs like the wii or wii-u used; however there has been much speculation that a lot of wii-u games will be ported over to the switch and purchasable from the nintendo e-store. This is going to be the first nintendo system in many years that isn’t backwards compatible.
My switch has already been pre-ordered (as well as the zelda game) and now I’m just sitting around waiting for it to be March :3
Auth was watching some stuff about the switch the other day and there are some really neat parental controls and immediately felt the need to tease me and ask me if he was gonna need to use those to limit my game time xD


Thankfully as a dog dad, I won’t need to limit his game time since he isn’t better than I am yet.

I was really looking forward to getting Super Mario Maker, but I may have to wait until the WiiU drops in price or just get it on 3DS in that case that it isn’t backwards compatible. I’ll probably end up buying the console anyways since I’ve always regretted not having a WiiU.


I had the wii and put off buying the wii-u so long that they announced the switch xD I am sincerely hoping they port all the good titles over, if not I will be waiting till the wii-u goes on sale and picking one up eventually.


Slightly off topic, but this really puts the Switch’s dimensions into real-world terms for me:


Is that an xl or regular 3ds?

@DanceBurgerDance I’m excited. Seems like nintendo finally has a console for me to spend $$; BUT I am still going to wait a bit and see what the library looks like. Zelda is likely enough to get me to bite, but March is already going to be busy gaming wise so i can wait :laughing:


It’s an XL. As for the game list, there is a surprising lack of solid release dates available right now.


That is a well compacted device. I’m sure my wife will enjoy the fact i can undock and play which frees up the TV for her.

As for games, I will give them a pass. March has too many titles and that doesnt factor all the games I missed in 2016.


Anyone who knows me knows I am a big PC enthusiast, and don’t care much for consoles…

With that being said, i now REALLY want a Switch after watching the trailers for Zelda, Mario Oddesy, Mario Kart 8, etc.
I can’t explain what it is, but watching the trailers for the Switch games made me nostalgia (yes, I’m using it as a verb) in such a way that the Game Cube, Wii, and Wii-U never could. They brought back all the feelings of joy I had playing my N64.


So nostalgic he couldn’t conjugate; that shit is intense, people :wink:


Wow, I didn’t realize it was that small. that’s pretty cool that they compacted it that much, but then again I think I would’ve preferred something a bit bigger.


Pre-ordered mine! Kinda wanted the Neon version but it wasn’t available by time I pre-ordered :frowning: .


Its finally happened, @Bradum has finally seen the light. Praise console overlords; :joy::joy:.

The excite is strong with the Switch, i know how you’re feeling.


I never saw the pre-orders! I wish I had, because I would’ve gone with it if so. When were they?


Apparently this version was set aside from Prime members on Amazon, at least up here in :maple_leaf: - so it’s the version I have on preorder.


I want one of these, not sure that I can justify the price though. At least not until there are a few more games out for it.


Is anyone planning on buying this thing?


We preordered one.


As did I. Wasn’t sold on it & figured I had until March to change my mind. Told the wife & she was genuinely excited… so…


I pre ordered one :slight_smile: