Nintendo Switch Friend Code List



Post your friend codes for the Nintendo Switch in this thread. :slight_smile:

(@Auth edit) OP is a wiki, drop them up here :wink:

StratsCo: senNish
Switch: Sennish - SW-8175-5715-7309

StratsCo: Lyteforce
Switch: Lyteforce - SW-5475-1141-6626

Strats Secret Robot Santa Swag Thread 2018

Sennish: SW-8175-5715-7309


@senNish how can I see my online username? I see my nickname, is that the same as my online user name?

Friend code: SW-3184-5717-6505


Is there a way to see this on the Nintendo website?


Is it not related to this?


Somewhat, but don’t see my Friend code on the website anywhere.


Ah. If it’s anything like the 3DS your friend code is in your Friend List (you’ll be listed in there); I don’t think my 3DS one is anywhere on the Internet; I believe it’s only on the device.


Got Diablo for switch recently. Might grab Smash, don’t know yet.

Friend Code: SW-2079-8328-9109


Mine is: SW-8177-8429-5495