Nirebel Inroduction


Hey everyone, it’s nice to join a group of individuals that thinks and enjoys gaming as much as I do. Im a 21 year old from Indiana who spends his days either at work in the electronics depo at walmart or playing GW2 or Destiny. I’ve played multiple different MMOs throughout the years and have only been able to really enjoy a few.


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome to Strats. Besides our guild wars 2 community we also have a destiny community.


Hey mate, welcome to the party! Feel free to check out the Guild Wars 2 and Destiny literature and let us know if you run into any issues or have any questions :wink:


Welcome man! Glad to have you


Welcome, you’re just in time for Strats Weekly this week!


Welcome to the :strats_green: Strats family!


Welcome to Strats!!


Welcome to Strats!! glad to have you with us :smile:


Welcome to Strats!




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