No Man's Sky: Guides to the Galaxy



#Guides to the Galaxy
As we wait for NMS to be released they will be putting out a new trailer every week highlighting a different role you can play in the game. I will be posting these for your viewing pleasure. Much like I did with Fallout 4






I have no idea how this game will turn out… But their marketing has got my HYPED!


Yeah I have my worries but i’m still giving it a try.


At this point i think we know it is a more hyped, more polished version of Elite: Dangerous.

Hopefully they start people in similar systems or allow them to group up in some way -_-


My only issues with E:D are the lack of ship varieties and the fact that you can’t get out of your ship/walk around on your ship.


I thought NMS was similar in the walking in ship aspect. I know you can get out in elite now if you are in your SCV or something.

Nothing as grand looking as NMS or anything.


Yeah but it’s more like just switching vehicles rather than getting out of your ship. NMS is going to have the same type of lack of ship variety ED has.


I am hype.




Damnit i cliked it expecting a trailer…


bump for fight video


I have mixed thoughts on this game. Concept is cool, rediculous amount of planets is cool. combat looks pretty neat.

This is what i think is odd.

Theres no base building, no way to really settle if you wanted to. So esentially you just planet hop to discover new resources and fauna to upgrade gear just to do the same thing again.

The AI faction system sounds cool, but without alot of real player interaction, and fighting over something you want i think it may get stale kinda fast.

I think it would be more fun, to have a huge universe like this, include base building, you can make a home to come back to and expand when you feel like it. and you can visit other planets with other peoples community and do trades that way and check out what they’ve built. feel like your doing something meaningful. Even if you couldnt destroy what they built, it would be really cool.

Am i missing anything? Seems like it would be fun for 3 months or so and just get stale. Hope i’m wrong, as the foundation for this game seems really cool.


I’m in the same boat, I just can’t get super hyped for this. It looks cool, visually, but does it really have any staying power?

Since it is a console and PC release they didn’t add in modding so players can’t do a “minecraft” with it and supplement where the devs didn’t develop.

For now I think I’ll just watch this one play out.


Reading through some more, they intentionally left base building out. They think doing so people would settle on their planet and not explore. They do not have plans at this time to add that in the future right now.

They also dont have much plans for after the games release, and didnt want to promise anything beyond what they have now. They want to prevent feature creep by trying to do what other people want them to. Their focus was creating a world this big. They were told they couldnt do it, so they focused all their efforts on such a large world. They did say they may do content package releases down the road, but no solid plans on it yet.

This game was almost soley developed by 4 coders secretly in this companies lab away from its other employees. After its reveal trailer they shown their crew a few days before the first PAX they displayed it at, they brought on just a few more individuals. Most of the game is randomly generated by algorythms from AI to planets and all its contents as well.

Sony offered to provide coding support but the company denied letting anyone join the project to help. All this makes me that much more leery.

I think after the initial 2 weeks of newness, I’ll see how this plays out and make a decision from there. Lets hope its good.


Just spotted this on the LTT forums…

Title: No Man’s Sky Might be Delayed Because of Patent


Just saw that… damn… what a bummer. Their tech has been used in 2 or 3 games back in the day though. If they just expanded on the code that was already written to make it better, definetly could be an issue.
Lets hope its just BS, or they come to an agreement prior to the current launch day.


It won’t get delayed again. It’s too close to launch date and not enough time for a court case demanding a delay. The worst that would happen is if the company wins they would get a cut.


Isn’t launch a few weeks away?

It’s one thing if they’ve already started distributing the game. It would be unreasonable for them to stop distributing once the game has already been released… So they’d resolve the dispute and determine compensation for the actions already taken.

But if the product has not yet been distributed, and is infringing on a patent, it’s possible that they be ordered to not distribute the game until the dispute has been resolved.

At least from my understanding of things (which is minimal).


The Dutch company specifically said they don’t want to stop the launch. They will look at the code after the game comes out and if they used their code they will “have a talk,”


Well that’s good to hear.
Not sure if I’ll be getting it right away, but I know a lot of people are pretty excited for its launch.