No Man's Sky Update 1.2 - Path Finder Update



For the 6 people who still own this, Update 1.2 is dropping (i read today??).

New features include better planetary exploration via land vehicles, improved visuals, PS4 Pro support and base sharing via online, permadeath mode and more.

Still no real multiplayer but it appears to be a good continuation of what 1.1 added. It is nice to see Hello Games hasn’t given up on this contrary ot all the things that happened during its launch.


That’s because the universe is so big that it’s statistically impossible to find someone else. Yep.


Holy shit land vehicles! Time to fire NMS up again. For a few minutes until I get bored at least.


:dickbutt: Classic.


Gave it another shot. Didn’t go too well


:joy: you’ve secretly unlocked patch 1.8, where you traverse the space time continuum.