No Man's Sky

Anyone else heard about this game No Man’s Sky?
Seems pretty freaking cool, it’s set to release some time next year.


This looks dope!

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So far everything I’ve seen about No Man’s Sky looks awesome! My only question that I discussed with @PittInjury some is… I’d still like to know what we are doing in this game. Though I think Pitt had a great response to it:

I just hope it’s easy to find other friends. Some of the latest videos showed warp gates and things. So it might not be too bad.


Well seeing as how there is an infinite amount of planets to explore, each with new and unique forms of life, exploring seems like enough to keep me busy for a long time.

And though they didn’t show it in any of the vids, they mention combat on planets surfaces. I’m sure you will be able to kill other players, adding a bit more to the game.

The possibilities are endless… I just hope they can capture all their ambition.

And ship combat.



Yes please, need dog fights.

This may help a bit, although I didn’t find it too informative

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Thanks for the shoutout @Nubhugs!

The only thing I can add right now is that GameSpot did an awesome feature on the studio and the history of development of the game. The most intriguing of the four videos is probably this one:

I am excited for this game, don’t get me wrong, and as long as its not broken, I will be getting it. I just feel that the hype for this game is WAY too much. Maybe i’m a pessimist, but I just feel like the last time a game got this hyped cough* Destiny *cough it didn’t turn out the best.


Ever since they showed this last year (at the PS4 event I think?), I’ve followed it and I still have so many questions.

So it’s a procedurally-generated universe, but we can name an animal/location if we discover it first? Meaning there’s a chance that other players will encounter the same “configuration” I guess? What’s the story about? I see multiple ships flying around, is this a multiplayer game?

I’m really excited about it, but I need more info for sure.

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I know that when you discover something it puts your name on it like “Discovered by - JohnOnTheRocks”

But I kind of hope they don’t let you name it. I don’t want to explore a planet full of a creatures named Bigblackcockinyourmouth


Meh, could be fun

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