NO micro transactions in The Division



Just saw this today and im glad…no p2w!!!


Nicely, though they still have the ubisoft club thingy, so hopefully they don’t do anything silly in there to make us have to earn tons of ubisoft points :wink:


WOOO! Good for them.

…for now :smirk:


The plan is for expansion packs right?


Correct. Season pass with “exclusive” content, and regular free content. 3 known additions for the season pass, which may be just missions or full new areas. Also there is a rumor (unconfirmed) that season pass holders will get special events.


I’ve heard that they will turn the entire launch map into the dark zone in the second dlc. That will be interesting to say the least, which leads me to believe that if that happens, another area not previously available will be the pve area with another BoO. The second DLC is titled " The Last Stand"


That’s pretty cool glad they have found a way to support the game that the players seem to approve of.

I personally have nothing against micro transactions. Long as they remain cosmetic. When I can purchase the WORLD DESTROYER 9000!!! to pwn all the newbcakes then I get sad…


That’d be bonkers. I can’t imagine they’d take away the map for latecomers though, but if the last stand was an all out battle royal, lol :laughing:


That be some innovative shit man.


The 3rd dlc is “The last stand” not the 2nd…the 2nd is “Survival”


You are right! Had them mixed up.