No more horsing around



As some of you might have seen before from my previous post, i have discovered the joys of horse taming. I’ve deiced to get off of sitting on my hands and get my ranch up and going. It’s time to bring the Stormfire ranch to fruition.

Continuing the discussion from BDO horse taming:

But last night my horse Dawn spoke to me, yes spoke to me. Being the stud that he is he require more than just one mate.

Apearently, Caramel is okay with it as i suppose she wishes to share the burden of her new job as lead wagon mare of the “Barge”.

So in order to help share the burden of Caramel and to give Dawn his much needed harem, I am pleased to introduce Dansen.

She is a level 2 mare with a brown coat and light brown hair and has great spirit. She fought me of several time and even bit me once. But finally decided to join my stable. But she was not just a hard tame because of her spirit, there was also someone that was trying to PK me while i was taming her. Then after I tamed her she tried to hurt my Dansen by continuing to shoot at her but to no avail. And i’m sure that if i failed the taming she would have tried to steal my Dansen away from me. So a word to the other horse tamers out there, there are people that will try to kill and steal you and your horse. See attached picture of the culprit for the record.

But now, Dansen has found her home as wagon mare of the “Barge” under the tutelage of Caramel and so their time together has started.

Now i need to pimp my ride as the “Barge” needs all the bling and accessories.

To be continued…


Guess my guy needs a harem too :kissing_heart:


There has been a new addition to the Stormfire ranch and i’m pleased to introduce Chocolat.

He is a tier 1 stud with a light brown coat and a brownish-gray mane. He was more than eager to join the stable and after a few lumps of sugar was rearing to get to work.

As the Stormfire ranch is still in it’s beginning, I needed a place to start and Chocolat has stepped up to the challenge. He will be the first one i set up to breed and we hope to work out the best procedure to do that.

I am currently looking for a mate for him but that has in no was diminished his spirits as he raced back to the stables ready to get started.


I just found out how Important the deathcount is for breeding, even with only 1 and both T2 horses bring lvl 10 I only got another T2 -.-


That is good to know information. I was wondering how death count came into play in breeding if any.


Today has been an exciting day for the Stormfire ranch as it seems the Epheria Valley was plentiful in it’s bounty of wild horses.

Meet Almond a tier 2 stud with a glistening brown coat and yellow mane.

And here is Brownie another tier 2 stud with a brown coat and dark brown mane.

And here is Machiato a beautiful tier 1 stud with a light bown coat and a light gray mane. Unfortunately i had to release him back into the wild as my stables are already full with studs.

And finally, i’d like to introduce Shadow. He is a tier 1 stud with a light gray coat and a pale dark gray mane. Kaegro, my sorceress, has laid claim to Shadow and is looking forward to meet him as soon as Illiannia can deliver him to Velia.

So yes, it has been a productive day. I wish i could get more mares to join my stables but i’ll just have to keep looking and prioritize them in the future.

Also, for any other potential horse trainers and breeders out there, a word to the wise. Whenever you register a wild horse to a stable you get a substainial chunk of training exp. At apprentice 3 i was getting 24% into my training level which is far more substantial than leveling low lever horses. And this experience can be increased further if you have trainers clothes on when you turn them in. It might be worth it to buy or craft a set. I will be doing that myself.


So to day i took another potential trainer, Vexcyl (@W1thl0v3), to the Empheria Valley so that she can begin taming her own horses. And in the process of showing her around we found a wild horse. A prime opportunity for Vexyl to try her hand at it. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to tame him and so I stepped in and taught her how to make the taming easier. So here is Mocca a tier 1 stud with a light brown coat and dark brown mane.

After taking Mocca around the world a bit, i released him back into the wild.


I tamed my first horse today! :smile:

I was harvesting maple noth west of Heidel when on the top of a hill i saw a horse. I thought it was parked since i couldn’t believe there is a wild horse so close to a major city. But when i came closer it shied away so i finally found my first wild horse in Black Desert.

I immediately ran back to the Heidel Stable Master to buy a few ropes and to the cooking shop to get some sugar and water, hoping no one else would spot it and tame it before me.

To my great relieve it was still there grazing peacefully. So long story short… Here is Morgan my beatifull T1 stud :smile:


congrats @Calibian :smile:

BTW I’ve been liking this guy for his guides, he made a pretty thorough horse breeding guide:

This is what I do when at work and not able to play :grin:, though who am I kidding I can’t even play at home, lol, #babyproblems @GuardianX


One evening Vexcyl (@W1thl0v3), Vanether (@ghosthog) and Lafial (my Valkyrie) were out questing to together, clearing the notorious Alter Imps to the west of Lynch Farm Ruins and making the region safer for the peasant and farmers. After we have successfully cleared the area of the infestation we started making our way back to Heidel to continue our question, we came across a couple of wild horses in the forest west of Heidel.

This find allowed for Vexcyl to continue he training in attempts to tame that elusive first horse. As she began she had an otion between two and decieded to try for a tier 2 brown horse.

It was a long and arduous battle of wills, as the two fought for control.

The battle raged on for what felts like hours as the two locked into trying to dominate the other.

But alas, it was not meant to be as the wild horses will was to much to tame.

Out of resources and with spirits at a low, Vexcyl and Lafial returned to Heidel to replenish their stocks. After purchasing more rope and her spirits renewed, Vexcyl returned to try her hand at the other wild stallion.

After a short but intense battle of will, Vexcyl was able to overcome the stallion and calm it’s wild spirit.

So, with great pleasure I introduce Valkyrie, a tier 1 stud with a light gray coat and gray mane.

I feel so pound of my student.

P.S. That is Zephyr’s wing, my hawk, that deiced to photobomb that picture.


Thanks for all your help :heart_eyes: It makes so much sense now that I have the hang of it! :horse: