noClue's Giveaway List


So I was a streamer for many years and over those years I did tons of giveaways for my fans. I used to do console game giveaways but alas I gave away everything!

State of the list:

  • Remnants of another era.
  • Dumping ground for all my duplicates.
  • Whenever I see fantastic deals on great titles.

Unless this post locks itself I’ll update this whenever I add a game + it’s end of month. I do it that way to avoid possible spamming. I wouldn’t expect much to happen for now though.

I’m working on a ludology based website so when that finishes I’ll start doing more giveaways again. Usually they range from games, movies, boardgames or even custom pc/console builds like I used to do. Last christmas I gave away 2 raspberry pi systems because I felt like experimenting with retropie.



I have no clue what your post is about. Your name is very accurate.


Its a give away list…

Seems pretty apparent from:

  1. Reading the title
  2. Reading the post

Breaking off on a tangent on your post @noClue.

I love our strats weekly and our giveaways but I wonder how many of those games are sitting on a shelf not being played and some of those games are great games (some are super indie art titles).

@Auth any thoughts on doing a give away list and letting people pull titles from it? Makes me sad when toys are played with for 30 minutes.

HAHA @noClue, I haven’t been able to get rid of:

Gotham City Impostors - DLCs
Guardians of Middle Earth
Guardians of Middle Earth DLC



Yea…but give away list for what? Where? When?


The only part not explicitly answered but can be inferred as, “Here”.


The longer the list sits the more people won’t want these games. There’s still some cool games on there but the only people who want them end up being the curious / adventurous types since they’re low budget indie titles. Everyone gobbles up any AAA titles that hit the list.

If you guys are considering having a list I’d recommend it. Just keep the AAA titles or any other big name games off for specific giveaways. My list has served me very well over the years, before i started it I had hundreds of codes sitting around. Now all that remains is what you see. Since big titles go so fast though, I try to make those giveaways more fair instead of first come.

You could do like a community list for anyone who wants. Make a google doc like I have and just create a tab for each person. Success of it though will be determined by how much people care to keep it updated.


Point I was getting at was the OP was cryptic AF. lol. I didn’t know if it was a giveaway on a stream, or strats weekly, or where. And the quote above isn’t what I consider a time frame. I hate you @GuardianX

Also, “for what” was supposed to be “for what reason?” as in streaming or strats weekly, not what is he giving away. you turd burgler.