Nolani check in


Hey all
I am new to this site/guild. I found this guild on the Albion online guild recruitment section. And when I read a bit about the guild and recruitment info I will like to give a shot.

My name is Zoran and I am from Slovenia
I work like head of department for businesses intelligence. I work with SharePoint and K2 technology’s. I am 33 and married. My wife name is Katja. She plays only Smurfs on facebook so no help from her :blush:
Still no kids but we are getting there.

In my spare time I am a musician I pls a guitar. I play like from when I was 15 or something. I am completely self learner.
I love god music and musician
Some examples of my taste
Dawe Matthews band; TOTO; John Mayer; India Arie; Raul Midon

This at my favorite along with 80s music and the legendary bands in that time :blush:

My big love is reading books and comic’s.
I read all game of thrones books so I am a bit spoiler person for the show but I am not telling by myself but only if someone ask :blush: and in private messages :blush:

And a big fan of FC Arsenal I love the club and a big supporter

Games I play and will play

wow; d3; hots; eso; gw2 …

Waiting on albiononline and Crowfall

I am more than happy if I will be accepted in the guild and looking forward to play with you.

Ah one more. I am a bit bad English typer so sorry for that in front :blush:…i have autocorrect on this mobile so its a bit better but in game sometimes it will be with alot of errors :blush:…i talk fluid so no worries

Regards Nolani


Welcome to Strats


Hi Nolani welcome to Strats!

@DrizztDo_Urden69 will be firing up the Albion online posts as we draw closer to the Summer Beta, he’s got a lot of really great things planned :slight_smile: We are also looking to get really active in Crowfall as it gets here!

What kind of comic books do you like to read?


Welcome to Strats Nolani!
waiting on crowfall here too…very excited.

I also play guitar and i’m also self-taught (but i’m still pretty bad). i recently got a mandolin so i have really been practicing that instead of the guitar…but lately it seems i have less and less time for either.


Welcome @Nolani23,

We are so glad you found us! Albion Online and Crowfall have been gaining some attention around here.

I how close are you to “The Emerald Beauty.” If I ever make my way over there that river is my first stop. :wink:

Between gaming, music and comics; I’m sure you will fit right in!

Are you playing ESO on the NA or Euro Server?


Welcome! I too have read all the Game of Thrones books as well. They are taking the show a different direction than to books but I still really enjoy it.


You got me there for emerald beauty river have to go check on net :blush:…but when I se Slovenian name (Soca) I get the point. The river is long like 138 km (86mil) but I know places and emerald beuty is in trenta that is like 1h from my place. Nothing much. Definitely giv me a message if your at coming to Slovenia or any of you

Edit: About ESO I play on EU but I can go freshh on NA servers no problem for that


I am reading now the wow series of comics. Some Diablo than classic like superman and Spiderman. found some strange one to just didn’t have time to read and upload on iPad


Welcome aboard!
Good choices in games and music :smile:


This one’s story = YES

PS. Welcome to STRATS!!


Excellent intro, and I love both your username and your birth name. :slight_smile: Welcome to Strats!

P.S. Only minor errors in your English, everything else looks really good though. Nice job. :slight_smile:


Welcome to strats! :smiley:


Welcome to strats!!! It is great to have you with us and I hope to see you in game. If you need anything please feel free to ask!!


Hey! Welcome welcome. We should start thinking about the push for Albion Online. I think the new alpha should be starting soon.


June/July yeah. The developers just put something up on the 4th about a new change to the resource system


What’s great about Albion is I can play it while traveling.


I have one sweeter than that one. Imagine I am in a meeting I have my laptop and play albiononline :blush:…and afterwards just say:
Ok so send me a meeting status via email just to have summary of the meeting


I like the way you think.


Welcome to Strats!


A man after my own heart. The first three are definitely in my all-time favorites, but I’m unfamiliar with India Arie and Raul Midon by name. Look forward to giving them a listen. I’ve been listening to a lot of classic guitar+vocal recently: Simon & Garfunkel, Eric Clapton, Don McLean.

Welcome, and I’ll be seeing you on ESO and HotS! :pineapple: