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Hello guys!

don’t really know where to start off… my name’s Frank. I work at a movie theater, I’m 24 and from Quebec Canada. I live a few minutes off of Montreal (one of the biggest known cities of Quebec) Don’t mind the fact that french is definately my first language. I actually learned to type and speak english since I started playing video games as a kid.
I sometimes make stupid mistakes when speaking but often times it ends up turning into good laughs so hey why not! Anyhow, if you hear a mistake I make, don’t be afraid to correct me ^^
I play/ed many games like Runescape Diablo2-3 Starcraft Counterstrike and skipping alot
If you guys wanna know more, feel free to ask!


Welcome to Strats! What games are you playing currently or looking forward to playing?


Welcome to Strats! I have family that lives in Canada and I’ve been to Montreal. You also played Runescape. I’ve wasted to much time in that game. lol


Bought Albion this morning, so I guess I’ll be on there for a while! :smiley:


yeah Runescape… tell me about it, I spent so much time and money on subscriptions but in the end it was all for the funs


Welcome fellow Canadian!


Thank you :smile:


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