Nosgoth beta keys


I have 3 closed beta keys for Nosgoth. This game is a team, class-based (ranged humans vs melee vampires) 3rd person shooter based on the Legacy of Kain world. Gamepads are supported!

Steam & Windows are required to play.

If anyone is interested in beta testing, reply here and I’ll send you a key. I’ll take the first 3 people to respond.



Thanks for doing this. We need more content creators like you.


To busy right now for another game just wanted to thank you for sharing with the community!!


If you still have a key I would love to try this game. Ty


1 key delivered, 2 still available for anyone interested in this free-to-play game once it’s live!


I’d love to try this out with you guys too. If that’s groovy…


If there’s still a key available I’d love to try the game. Thanks in advance!


All keys have been handed out. Thanks everyone for your interest.


Thanks for the key @teh_ninjaneer! Downloading now!


@Wheatums I find the game pretty entertaining. It’s a good way to waste an hour or two and feel like you’ve accomplished something. Leveling up only grants you access to more classes/options and not increased power (you gain side-grades to your abilities instead of upgrades).

When playing a match, it’s important for the humans to stay together, while the vampires are obviously trying to separate the humans. Starting out, I’ve had many frustrations when my teammates on human-side run off in different directions, leaving me to get pounced by the entire vampire squad.


Yup, I found this out very fast! I ended up rage quitting a little bit ago. But I’ll do a few more rounds tomorrow morning. Let me know when you’re on, my Steam name is Wheatums310