Not So Weekly Update (12/20/2014)



Greetings Guardians

This is your weekly update. Here you can get the latest on what Strats is up to in Destiny. We use these posts to show how the clan is moving forward. We can also highlight on anything cool that happens to any of you. If you want to see the overview of what Strats had for raid parties, we have that here too. Check back each week for updates.


I would like to apologize for the lack of the weekly updates. I have had a lot on my plate lately, trying to prepare for my graduation and finals. I’m back on track now and working full time, not at a new job :frowning:, and will be able to stay on top of these.

New Officer

Join me in welcoming @spredhead as my new officer! He will be handling recruitment such as, the weekly Reddit post. This is a huge help for me and will help grow clan and community as a whole. He will also be helping out with the weekly sherpa event every Tuesday.

Sherpa Tuesday

Strats Sherpa Service is going quite well. We are running through around 3 to 5 people every week. This is a great tool for making new friends and growing the clan. Be sure to check out the post each week and up vote on Reddit to help us grow. If you have any suggestions let me know!

Raid Groups

Due to the new DLC dropping, we are not up to date on the raid groups. Help your group keep in touch and organized, by creating topics here on the forums and allowing me to give you a shout out here. This will ensure your raid group has dedicated members each week and won’t force you to go begging around. Past raid groups such as, Guardian Down and Raid Team Bravo, play together every week and build bonds. This makes the game much more enjoyable and helps ensure you can complete every week. For an example check out Raid Team Bravo’s old post.


Congratulations @spredhead!



Congrats @spredhead!