Not Your Average Rooster

Hey! I’m commonly referred to as RoosterBlue around these internets parts. You can call me Rooster – or Noah. Or whateverfloatsyourboat. Though I probably won’t respond immediately to the latter one.

I’ve enjoyed playing video games since Intellivision/Commodore 64 days and I still weep with nostalgia when I watch Dungeon of Dragons Treasure of Tarmin playthroughs on the youtubes. You damn kids get off my lawn!

I like long walks on the beach, tacos and tall, handsome men. And women. I just like people.

Let’s build shit.


YAAAAY! You’re here :smile:

I really want to get whitelisted so I can mine with you!!

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It’s going to be so much fun!

Welcome to Strats Rooster…glad to have you with us!

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to strats!

Welcome to the Dark side brother, we have tacos, and some of us have beaches!

Hi Rooster welcome to Strats! Have a great time with the Minecraft crew!

Hiiiiiii Noah! Welcome to Strats!

It’s nice to meet you. :smiley:

Hey there Rooster, welcome!

Welcome whateverfloatsyourboat!

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