Now Streaming


So, finally got my streaming up and running well. Turns out my router was part of the problem as it was giving priority to the WIFI users in the house. After I turned that off things are going pretty well. I could use an invite to the Strategy & Co streaming group along with some help my Twitch look all pretty (profile page). Also, those that play Guns of Icarus, here’s a highlight from last night to check out.


Glad to hear you got your stream working. I tried to move your post to Official Twitch Team Signup [Outdated] so you would get the invite to the Twitch team signup…something is wrong with my permissions.


When I get home tonight I’m going to see if i can’t join the twitch team and try to stream. I steamed a few times playing dota2. Would like to stream the trials one once we start doing them.