Now we just have to get Pluto back


Brontosaurus is officially a dinosaur again! :wink:


man, I heard about Pluto, but the Bronto wasn’t a dino at some point? Crazy talk.


Also in Auth world - Bigfoot real, wolfboy working at walmart, women gives birth to an angel and 900 pound cat still fat. Tune in next week for the next issue of Weekly World News.

Pluto sucks and will never be a planet in my eyes. I can’t wait for the REAL scientists to take Brontosaurus away from you children again.


Da fuq. I didn’t even know Brontosaurus wasn’t a dinosaur anymore! :frowning: But seriously, what’s with scientists and everyone else fucking up our childhood? First Pluto, then apparently some dinosaurs, and now math is a whole new level of mess. Common Core my left foot!


ITT: @Nubhugs shoving his tabloid news sources on others to find out if he’s the only one that reads/believes them.

Spoiler alert; you are :wink: