Nubhugs, what did you do man?!



There was basically a riot outside of Camden yards. It was pretty bad, people just breaking anything they can get there hands on. I know a lot of people that were in the city last night.


We can’t stop here…

For those that don’t keep up close with the news the main city in Maryland, Baltimore is in the bit of a controversy and the latest target for protesting. It’s been going on for over a week but Saturday was promised to be the “biggest yet”. Once the bad apples came out the peaceful protests turned violent leading to chairs through store windows and a few stores looted. Taking a bite of my Fully Cooked Smoked Fajita Seasoned Chicken Sausage ™ last night and watching the news I said to myself that the 7 pm game would be canceled. While it wasn’t canceled, they displayed that to the fans at around 10:00 pm when the game tied up (which the O’s ended up squeaking out a win in the 11th).


Yeah, it’s been intense. I’ve been watching since Ferguson in October. People are finally at a breaking point in some communities. I know that the BPD does good but there are plenty of bad apples in the mix too.


Peaceful protests turn into a mob real quick. I really hope it doesn’t get to the point of Ferguson. That was just anarchy.


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Yeah i was up in Baltimore this weekend saw a lot of the rioters walking around.