NVIDIA + FreeSync Hotness


This is big. Nvidia started supporting FreeSync / Adaptive Sync on a limited set of monitors (12 models for now).

UPD: it seems that it will work on wide set of monitors actually (with some tinkering probably). 12 monitors will be likely co-branded FreeSync/G-Sync



I’d suggest everyone hold off on buying a new monitor to see what happens once the new drivers are available, and people have a good month under their belt to test with various FreeSync monitors. Sounds like Nvidia has tested ~400 monitors and only 12 passed to their specifications. Of the 400, there was issues such as stuttering / input lag, flickering screen (apparently an issue with AMD cards as well though?), and other things like that.

Before forking over some decent $$ for a new monitor, it’s prob best to let the hype settle down and see where the dust settles as I’m sure there will be some nice FreeSync monitors that work just fine that either Nvidia hasn’t tested, or didn’t approve to their spec.