nVidia Pascal to Debut in April


According to a report by techfrag.com, the new GP100 Titan is expected to be announced in April, with the 1080 and 1070 to follow in June. As for when consumers are actually able to buy them? Not sure, but I like to think that it will be that same month.

All 3 of these cards (Titan, 1080, 1070) are reported to be using the new HBM2, with lower models coming later and using GDDR5X.


I’ve been waiting to rebuild my computer and this may be the right time. April is bonus time for me… hmmm do I see a 1070 and my return to pc gaming in the future? :wink:


If true, we got trolled about 2H 2016. If also true, RIPwallet.

Based on the previous card releases, if its announced in April, we’d see a May-June launch with a superior card due out later in the year, followed by the REAL pascal cards at a nominal price difference, aka TheNVidiaTrollModel.

This is good either way, this would be just around the start of a strong game release season for 2016.


I am on the fence now as I need to upgrade my GTX 670. I was thinking about going with dual 980 Ti’s but I want to make sure I get the biggest bang for my buck and not miss out on something new coming down the pipeline.

Would you recommend upgrading now or waiting?


Ideally you want to wait for Pascal if you’re planning on getting a high end card since the graphics memory standard is switching over to the much faster HBM (high bandwidth memory), rather than the much older GDDR5.

From my understanding, the new Titan and 1080 (if that’s what it’s called) will feature HBM2, the 1070 might, and anything lower will not.

The issue is that no one really knows when they’re coming out. This report is far from confirmed, but no other reports are confirmed either.

Also, unless you REALLY need the graphics power I would avoid SLI. I went against my own advice this time around and got 2x980s, as did @Vocino, and we both regretted it. A lot of games/applications don’t even support SLI, so half the time you’re left a very expensive airflow restriction in your case. Not to mention it’s SUPER loud, generates way more heat, and draws way more power. Not worth it IMO.


Man I really appreciate the advice. I keep looking at carts and it’s like do I really want to get this or should I wait.


The 670 will easily play most games on the market today. What do you play that you feel the need for two 980Ti?

I tried 680s SLI a couple years ago and I don’t think I will ever use multiple GPUs like that again. I just wasn’t impressed overall and it seems like few games actually take advantage of SLI.

I have two monitors but I only use one 27" for gaming. That monitor is connected to a single 970. I then have a 24" monitor connected to my mobo onboard GPU for web browsing, Youtube, Twitch, etc. I’m much happier with the single gaming GPU.


The GTX 670 is still a pretty solid card if you’re doing 1080p 60Hz gaming like the majority of sane people. If you’re silly like me and refuse to play games running lower than 1440p @80FPS, then you might want to start looking at a single 980 or 980ti. 2x980ti is probably overkill for anything short of 4K 60Hz gaming, and even then that may not be enough for some of the AAA titles.

As for 4K gaming, it’s just really not worth it at this point IMO. You will guaranteed be limited (if not by your monitor, then your hardware) to 60Hz, and it is WAY more expensive. So much so that it doesn’t at all justify the upgrade over 1440p, especially if you’re using something like a 27" monitor.


Words of wisdom here. SLI/Crossfire are sadly overrated. It is almost better to invest in a single top of the line card (or what is deemed the best at the time) vs dual card.

As for waiting or not, unless you are experiencing actual hardware failures, it wouldn’t hurt to hold out until April. 1) it will let you see these rumors through, 2) Save extra $$$ for a Titan X :smiley:

Plus this will give @Mohomohommad time to convince you to buy an ultrawide gaming monitor


I was going to up it for “The Division” and any next Gen games. It’s a bit of overkill right now though.


Yea I was researching the monitors and found that putting in top of the line gear doesn’t matter. I won’t be able to take full advantage of my cards due to current refresh rates and hardware.

I am going to sit tight and see what comes down the pipe in April. Btw what are some good monitors right now I’m using dual Acer G6 Series 23/24 displays.


I use the Asus ROG Swift PG278Q and it’s quite good. 1440p 144Hz /w G-Sync. A bit expensive though ~$680 USD. The new PG279Q is coming out soon, which is IPS instead of TN. Essentially, slightly slower response time than the TN, but better color, viewing angles, and refresh rate (165Hz). Don’t know how much that one is going to be though.

If you want to spend less money there are lots off less expensive 144Hz 1080p monitors out there. If you’re gaming I do recommend going with a high refresh rate monitor though. It makes a BIG difference.

If you want to spend a LOT of money ($1300 USD), there’s the Acer X34 Predator (out now) and the Asus ROG PG348Q (not out yet) which are 34" Ultrawide curved 1440p 100Hz G-sync displays. Pretty much the best monitors you can get right now.


Man you guys pretty saved me from making a big mistake. I got so wrapped up in reviews and watching enthusiasts building unrealistic power house machines. I have never opted for SLI or Crossfire

I don’t play anything that warrants more than the 670. It does fine running Skyrim (highest res game *with all the bells and whistle addons) at an average 30+ fps on 1920x1020. Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, some old school Steam games but nothing like FarCry, Crysis, or GTA 5.


I use the ASUS VG278HE monitor. It’s a 27" 144Hz “gaming monitor”. The higher refresh rate makes Diablo 3 look very smooth. I’m completely happy playing my games in 1080p. I mostly play Blizzard games and MOBAs. For most shooters I have moved to the PS4 anyway so it’s a moot point. Even Overwatch looks just fine on my PC.

My 2nd monitor is a basic 24" 60Hz ASUS. When watching Youtube/Twitch no one really cares about your refresh rate. Since I’m not stretching my windows or games across both monitors then the difference in refresh isn’t a problem.

Edit - I should point out that the 144Hz refresh is only beneficial if your card can push 60+ frames. Maybe that’s another reason I only play my shooters on PS4 now. :hankey:


I’ve been pretty hyped about the Pascal since it was just a project. I think it’ll be not only be a big leap for computers, but for laptops. It’s about time we start getting computational tech that’s worthy for gaming on mobile hardware. If it’s capable of supporting “cloud processing” as advertised, perhaps we’ll even see some mobile boards capable of rendering something like the Surface Pro worthy for professional video editors and gamers, something we’ve yet to see.