nVidia Plans to Lock Game Ready Drivers Behind Email Registration


Just found out today that, starting in December, nVidia plans to only release game ready drivers through Geforce Experience, which you will have to register and verify your email to log in to.

Personally, the fact that nVidia expects me to hand over my email (so they can send me their marketing crap) for the privilege of getting full functionality from the gpu which I just PURCHASED from them makes me feel a little violated.

But that’s just me. I’m interested to know how the rest of you feel about this.


So create a dummy gmail account called gforce.exp.sucks@gmail and register it for your updates. Problem solved.

I understand the reasoning. I bet a lot of people hate downloading drivers sometimes twice a month.

As for the Experience itself, I’ve never been able to make Shadowplay work. I press play and nothing happens. And their resolution recommendations are terrible. It’s some special nvidia thing that wants to render at 2715x1527 then scale it to fit on my 1920x1080 monitor. All I get out of it is text I struggle to read.


On the one hand, I completely understand the frustration. We paid for a piece of hardware and the notion of requiring an account to operate it seems like a breach of that contract.

On the other hand, I don’t really care. I already have an Nvidia Experience account and I’m signed into it.

The truth is, this is how everything will be. The mighty user record is a powerful thing. Being able to associate product usage with a person is something that is extremely valuable to companies. We’ve seen this in video games (even those that are off line), peripherals like with Razer Synapse, and much more.

This is something that isn’t going away.

Yes, they do want to send you a newsletter and continuously market to you but there will be the ability to opt out (that is the law).

Also, building on @teh_ninjaneer’s suggestion of a dummy account, you can add +anything to a gmail address and have it return to your inbox. For example, you can do ninjaeer+nvidiasucks@gmail.com and then simply create a filter that automatically archives any mail sent to that address.

This method keeps your mail in one place but also allows you to track who is sharing your address and how it is being leaked or sold.


@Vocino that’s cool as hell, never knew you could append your Gmail like that. Good to know. I recently changed emails because my one account is too spamtastic. I swear no many how many times I unsubscribe from certain emails they keep coming in. I couldn’t get yahoo sports emails to stop, I unsubbed a million times and still got emails. Only way to get past it is to register as spam, so I would agree that this is a shitty thing to do to people.


I get no spam. I honestly don’t know what people are doing in 2015 to be getting spam. Email filtering is pretty much 100%—especially Google’s.


I don’t want to have to filter, I don’t want it to ever reach my email. For instance, I got an email from proflowers.com last week about my mom’s upcoming birthday, so I unsubscribe from all their emails…but some how magically I got an email from them yesterday about the same thing. I remember linkedin had similar issues with people trying to unsubscribe from their emails. I like my email to be clean, and it just got to be too much. So now that account is my spam account, whenever I sign up for anything I’ll be using that email.

Edit: Also, it’s mainly my fault for giving out my email to anything and everything I sign up for.


The issue I have with has never been “I can’t figure out a way to get around giving them my email” or “I have a big problem with them using my info”. It’s the fact that when I buy their product, I am purchasing an obligation to do something that is not my choice in order to get full functionality of the product.

Razer Synapse I can understand… In order to save your peripheral settings across systems you NEED some kind of account to associate them with. There is no reason I need an account to use Geforce Experience and get game-ready drivers other than reasons that are ENTIRELY to nVidia’s benefit, and not to mine.

If it was optional, and nVidia said they wanted me to sign up so they could track my info and use it to improve their products… Fine. I’d probably do it. But I don’t appreciate spending my money on your product, and then being forced to do something.


I don’t know what that could be. I give out my email to anyone and everyone. My email is even very publicly available. No spam.


I think I would be a little more annoyed by this if I didn’t give out my “game” email to 500 different games already. If I had a dollar for every account I had to create to play a game I’d… have alot of dollars.