Oat intro - Albion Online


Thanks for taking the time,
Name is Oat, RL name is Jon. I am stationed in Abq NM. I am 30 years old husband and father. So far my albion play time is a bit more than i like to admit but I have been playing 32 days with 1 week 19 hours play time.

I have played multiple MMO’s and competitive in a few. Scarab Lord and server first in burning crusade and WotLK in WOW. Glad season 2. Not to into mobas except for Hots which i play occasionally.

In AO i main 6.2 Great Axe and still messing with gear combo as to what I enjoy but currently 5.3 Medium Plate helm and chest and 5.3 light experts leather. T6 Leather also unlocked with claws. T4 gatherer on all but don’t really do much. I just make my silver selling peoples gears. I am currently in Law with a tight nit pvp grp who plays well with each other. Only so much you can accomplish in game with such a small grp and looking to branch out so a few of us are applying over here.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Where are you stationed? I did a short stint at White Sands


Kirtland AFB the last 3 years. Before that RAF Lakenheath for 7


Ah, I started out as AF. Good old Lackland. Got dumb and switched to the Army


A good friend I went to Airmen Leadership School with switched to Army and now he flies helicopters. So depending on what job you got I think the Army benefited him more than the AF did.


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