Oculus rift is $599


I can only hope Sonya will be cheaper for PS4. I am really interested in VR but in no way am I interested in Rift at this price. Ef that.

Oculus Rift Pre-Sale

Damn. That came in way higher than I expected. I would have considered at 400 probably and been in for sure at 3, but 600 is kind if insane. Hoping some of the competition are able to get in at a better price


If the ps vr is around $300-$400 I’ll probably get it, but $600 is too much. I know it’s new, I assume it will come down eventually, but I can’t pull the trigger on this one and I’m usually ans early adopter.


VirtualBoy V2 FINALLY!


I was thinking of getting it but at $599 without it’s motion controllers, that’s just too much. If Vive is comparable in price (which it will probably be more) I might go that route. This is disappointing. Also, I just checked it and it says May now…


yea, the motion controllers for the ps vr are $15 used at gamestop and I’m pretty sure they don’t need any updating so that’s a plus


wow, that’s a shame. I was definitely hoping for $300-400 range.


I loved this game so much it made me sick, literally


this game reminds me of Zaxxon, but looks even harder to control.


If only we had money trees here in Canada… :disappointed:


Help me Obi-wan Vive, you’re my only hope!


they just updated the controllers and added a front facing camera to the headset… just sayin…


At first I thought that price was a bit much… But I find when you think of it as a “display” then it doesn’t seem as unreasonable. I mean, high end monitors cost $700+


True. And I heard that all preorders were filled withing 14 min. I should have just bought one to flip on eBay. Crap!


word on the street is that vive will cost about 7-900 dollars because FB is taking a hit even at 599.


Here’s everything you need to know from Palmer himself:

I would quote it here but I’m mobile.



these are too good not to (re)post:


I don’t care since I didn’t plan on getting a rift, but to say “ppl were saying 1500 so I said 350 even tho our estimate at the time was 599” is not a good explanation for why he misled people. Only take away from that is “I knew the real estimate but wanted to keep hype alive”. Arguably had he said the true price at the time, the rift would have suffered bad publicity for much longer.