Oculus Rift


Just ordered a Oculus Rift DK2. Anyone have any experience with the Oculus? Is it worth it yet, or should I cancel and wait for CV1? I’m not supposed to get mine until Sept.


It’s definitely cool and fun but I don’t know if I would get one yet personally. Might be worth it for EVE Valkyrie though.


Theres an Oculus Rift over at the 3D Lab at my University and its open to students, naturally I tried it out and I can say that it really feels “3D”. If you have some money to spend on a flight pad or already have it then EVE would probably suit you fine or Star Citizen or any fighter that supports it.


God i can’t wait for the VR craze, 5 years from now Everything is going to be VR!!!


Once went to my friend’s place and got to try it out. Its pretty cool, he hooked me up with some horror game I think it was called Terror something and i almost soiled myself lol