Oculus - worth the watch!


I don’t watch horror movies. Primarily because when I was 4 my cousins told me I could watch The Thing with them and I did not sleep for a month and have been irreparably scarred since. When I was 11 and in boarding school, I watched IT, and had to force my dorm mates not to sleep because I couldn’t. Fast forward 20 years, and, I don’t watch fucking horror movies.

Last night I watched Oculus. I saw it on TPB, and naturally assumed it was a sci-fi flick. Put it on as I was going to bed and pretty soon figured out that it didn’t involve virtual reality, advanced technology or the future. For some reason I decided to keep watching it, it was a choice, not that I was paralysed with fear. And it was a great movie. Not cheesy, not too cliche and had pretty decent acting. I admit a lot I saw through cracks in my fingers, but it was worth not sleeping for.


You should watch The Conjuring


Maybe one day… lol


Oculus is a great movie indeed, you should also give a shot to Absentia, the other work of this director. It looks much more “indie” but is a nice mysterious story nevertheless.