Officer Meeting Sunday June 20th 8pm EST



We will be having a meeting this Saturday at 8pm EST

Things to be discussed will be

  1. FINAL recruitment decision
  2. Officer position
  3. Vet Dungeon events
  4. Status of raid attunement progression
  5. General state of the guild

Please plan on attending…Thanks


On recruitment, I know we are running out of ranks, but something to consider is a dual tier recruitment process. One side being the “community” and the other being the “raiders”. Community invites are instant and without review, but status of raider is a result of recruitment via an application process and possibly running a dungeon with one or two of us. I realize it adds a layer of complexity to the process, but all the recruitment in the world is worth nothing if the people we bring in can’t pull their weight in dungeon/raid.


That is already in place…when they are invited they are a recruit…after they register on the forum and post they are moved to member…anyone NOT wanting to raid is kept at member and those that are going to raid and after they are attuned for raiding get moved into the Raid Team rank. The only way to get the Raid Team rank is to be attuned for raids…where as the rank of Member is for casuals and those who are not interested in raiding.


Cant make it today little crisis at work that I have to go fix. If you can move it to tommorow that would be great if not thats fine too.


I’m available whenever, you lot figure it out :wink:


this has been moved to Sunday…please take note and adjust for the change.