Officers needed! We need you!



We are looking for 0 officers to join our ranks! The requirements are as follows:

  • Active on Mumble! 18+ Calm personality with a hint of authority!

  • Raiding experience not needed but appreciated!

  • Able to put time in with the community and the game!

  • Populating the forums with informative threads and posts!

  • Capable of streaming Wildstar and garnering attention
    for Strats & Co.! (NOT MANDATORY)

  • Able to win the respect of your fellow strategists
    by not having mental breakdowns on comms!

  • Above all being considerate, respectful and able to distinguish the
    line between funny and offensive!

What you gain!!!

  • The ability to access our hidden dungeon of awesomeness!

  • The cool status attached to the position! You will have the envy of
    your peers!

  • Supreme powers over the internet! MUAHAHAHAHA (restrictions apply)

  • Entry into the command channel and the ability to lead raids!!!

  • The chance to be there as a founding member for our wildstar

  • Your name on the credits of the Strats Co. documentary!!!

Positions filled

If you got what it takes post your name bellow and i will personally interview you on mumble!!!
Streaming in not mandatory but any effort to advertise the game scores you points!!!

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As of now we still need two PvE officer (raids leader!)


I know I’m new here (just posted a minute ago), but I’m interested. I have run a few guilds in WoW and SW:TOR. I’m not looking to be a GL, but I could rock some officer stuff.


I am trying to get new people to get officer for Wildstar so we can infuse some fresh ideas into the mix. Even if you have just joined us, This is the time to apply for officer so either post here or pm me! Get on mumble and make a few threads around the forums so me and the community can get to know you!


I am kinda new but i would be interested in a PvE officer spot. Have ran raids in WoW mostly…have been playing it for 9 years and have the basic abilities of knowing how a raid works. Thanks!


Only one officer spot left folks!

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