Official Battlefield 1 StratsCO Clan | PC



Welcome to the Official Battlefield 1 Clan page for PC

@Miguera will be leading the Battlefield 1 Strats for PC. What to expect:

  • Daily events with rotation to keep everyone motivated.
  • A healthy environment.
  • Discord Voice Channel.
  • Never Play Alone!.
  • More to come…

How do I get invited to the clan?

  • In order to be part of the StratsCo Battlefield 1, you must have a forum account, as well as post an introduction on the forums. Once this is done, message @Miguera on forums get an invite and we will make sure we try and invite. (This is a placeholder until DICE provides more info about the clan system)
  • For now, we all can use a This post to share our Origin ID’s.

…more to come.

Welcome to Battlefield 1!

Only on Battlefield StratsCO moments videos –>> HERE <<– All platforms.

Add the StratsCO BF1 Emblem to your gallery | Wear it, Feel it
StratsCO Battlefield Emblem

How to Squad up on PC

We strongly recommend using our Discord Battlefield Channel, even if at the moment you are playing solo. This way others will easily notice there is at least 1 person playing Battlefield and will quickly be able to join you.
To be able to do this you will need:

Origin Username Listing

The last step to never play alone on the Battlefields is to head to the Origin Username List and ADD each other.

NOTE: That post is a wiki so you can edit it and add your Origin ID to the list.

Did i miss anything? Let me know!

Hello everyone. New guy on the block
Howdy from Texas
Battlefield 1 beta - PC LFG
Hello from Croatia



@Screamowaffles @Screamopancakes (different people or fans of yelling at breakfast foods?)

Did everyone end up getting BF1 on PC? I know a few of us have it and should get some games going ASAP.


I’m not getting it. Planning to buy other things and I still have a BUNCH of other games I can play.



So I got it too cuz some of my friends at work bugged me about it, we hot a clan or sth going on ?


They haven’t put in the official clan/platoon functionality yet, but we’ll be all over it once we can be :wink:


Now i Got Battlefield 1 on PC too!!! OH SNAP!